Accessible Farm Equipment Finance

Hello Tractor has partnered with MasterCard to bring innovative pay-as-you-go (PAYG) finance to unbanked and underbanked customers across Africa.


Mission Statement

At Hello Tractor, we believe that everyone should have the power to achieve progress in their life, and access to financing unlocks this power. We reach customers who are unserved by traditional financial services, which often require customers to have a credit history or assets to secure financing.

Get started

Low Rates. Easy Online Application

1. Pre-qualify

Complete initial online screening.

2. Apply

Complete online application with help from a Hello Tractor credit representative.

3. Get Trained

Receive business training and a tractor servicing route.

    4. Earn & Repay

    Service bookings and have loan repayments auto-deducted.

      5. Own Asset

      Fully repay loan and own the tractor.

        Say goodbye to

        unnecessary fees.

          No collateral.

          No Pre-Payment Penalties.

          No late fees.

        We hope you found this helpful. If you have other questions, our FAQ section below can provide answers.

        Is the PAYG financing available in any country?

        Currently, the financing is only 100% secured for Nigeria and Kenya. We are however looking to expand the offering into more countries in the near future.

        What does payment collection in relation to debt repayment look like?
        • We would be using Hello Tractor’s platforms to receive payments automatically based on the hectares serviced. Debt repayment will depend on services carried out along the route.
        • 2-2.5x average annual debt service minimum required; This will not be calculated on a daily basis due to the difference in usage across borrowers as routes are unique and demand along route varies.
        What tools are you using to consider creditworthiness
        What tools are you using to estimate payback period?

        Our route planning tool acts as a stress test to know how much work is needed to comfortably service debt on time. It also facilitates faster debt paydown by optimizing tractor utilization.

        What inputs are accounted for in the route planning tool?

        Tractor’s Characteristics

        • Horsepower
        • Implements

        Route Characteristics

        • Agroecological zones
        • Climate dynamics
        • Crop calendars

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