As a fleet owner, after investing a lot of money into the purchase of tractors, a major cause of concern is usually how to truly make these assets profitable for you. Barring being in the field operating them yourself (which is rarely possible), you will have a sense of uncertainty about who is handling your machine, how well it’s being handled, and where it is at any given point in time, and how efficient your routes and operations are on a day-to-day basis. Hello Tractor’s tractor owner application was built to give tractor owners that visibility into their assets to ensure that they are both profitable and properly maintained. Below, we highlight 5 key features within our app that makes the life of a fleet owner that much easier. To learn more about these features, check out our feature videos.

1. Tractor Activity Dashboard

This dashboard provides a full view of all tractors within your fleet, allowing you to instantly know how your tractors are spread geographically, the tractor ID, operator, fuel level, implements attached as well as last active time.

Tractor Activity Dashboard

Tractor Activity Dashboard Images

You can also see more details about each tractor, such as the hectares/acres covered during service on any particular day, activity duration and fuel consumption breakdown by tapping on any tractor on the dashboard.

The tractor activity dashboard is useful to a tractor owner as it provides useful insights into a tractor’s whereabouts and activities at any given point in time. If a tractor is in a location that it should not be in or if something seems odd in the way the fuel is being consumed, immediate action can be taken.

2. Reports and Analytics

The Hello Tractor app comes with a reporting function that allows fleet owners to receive detailed information either about individual tractors in their fleet or about the entire fleet all at once. Reports can be daily, weekly or monthly and are generated in both CSV or PDF formats based on the tractor owner’s preference.

Reports cover critical details such as the tractor/fleet trip duration, operator information, total distance covered, tractor start and end time, city or town where service was carried out and hectares covered.

These reports allow tractor owners on our platform to make informed decisions about their fleet based on data presented to them. For example, seeing that one of the tractors in the fleet has been idle for a long time can prompt a tractor owner into taking steps to ensure that the tractor is engaged at a sooner time to maximize profits.

3. Geofence

The geofence feature lets you have control over areas where your tractors can work in any particular county, state, or country. It works by allowing you to set virtual boundaries around your tractors to keep them only in the areas you consider safe. Setting a geofence is as easy as drawing a circle around your tractor and then saving it.

Tractor Geofence Image

If your tractor happens to cross the boundary you set, you will receive a notification as soon as this happens for you to take necessary action.

4. Remote Immobilization

If, for example, your tractor leaves the geofence boundaries that you set, the tractor owner app allows you to stop it from moving any further from the comfort of your phone. It works by allowing you to input a unique code in the app, which works seamlessly with our hardware tracking unit, to trigger a shutdown of your tractor wherever it may be.

Once you have immobilized your tractor, you can make arrangements to have it brought back to your tractor hub immediately and determine what is next for the tractor or the tractor operator.

5. Bookings Management

As a tractor owner, the profitability of your machines is key. While the previous features help you reduce your operating costs, if you are not servicing additional farmer demand, you are not maximizing your earnings potential. The bookings management feature makes it much easier for tractor owners to make money servicing farmer demand, giving them one last thing to worry about. It works by pairing your tractor bookings that have been aggregated and clustered by Hello Tractor trained agents, based on the proximity of the job, the implements attached to the tractor, the tractor’s health, and the operator ratings.

Bookings are clustered to ensure that deploying a tractor makes economic sense for a tractor owner. The clustering algorithm also accounts for bookings that are within close proximity of the tractor at any given point in time.

As a tractor owner, you are notified as soon as bookings are sent in from agents and you can choose to accept or reject them at your discretion. Bookings you receive are categorized in a dashboard as either new, paired or completed, granting you full visibility into how much money you are making from providing various types of tractor services to farmers across your country.

Tractor Activity Dashboard

Bookings Management Images

There are so many other ways that our technology can help you when it comes to managing your tractor to keep them healthy while maximizing your profit potential. If you would like to learn more about our technology, feel free to book a demo session today!

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