Peace of Mind

Rugged design, high sensitivity sensors, tamper-proof, weather-resistant, and best of all fits onto all tractor and combine brands.

Monitoring Device Key Features

High sensitivity GPS of up to 2 meters with international sim cards and the ability to roam different telecom networks.  

Trained technicians available in select markets to support you in fitting devices on your machines and after-sales support. 

Find a list of our partners here. 

Capacity to store offline data for up to 30 days and upload batch reports when your machinery comes back online.  

Hello Tractor Software Packages Comparison

Sensor tech sits at the core of our business. With these little black boxes, we glean intelligence on the internal workings of all types of two-wheel and four-wheel tractors, and combine harvesters and use that information to build insights that lead to our market-defining analytics.

Tractor & Operator Monitoring – Our basic offering that allows tractor owners stay in the loop of their asset’s operations on the field

Bookings Agent App: Create exclusive bookings with your own agents organizing jobs for your fleet.

Route Optimization: Sophisticated tools to ensure tractors spend more time on the field making money and less time on the road traveling between jobs.

Support: Be assigned a customer success agent to ensure your operation is operating at optimal levels.

Fuel: Robust fuel management to monitor fuel efficiency and prevent misuse and theft.

Remote Immobilization: As the fleet manager you can have complete control on the asset and when it is doing something it isn’t supposed to do or at a location that it isn’t supposed to be, you can cut the machine’s fuel, immobilize, and seize the asset. 

Hello Tractor Monitoring Device

+ GPRS, CDMA 1x, HSPA and SMS Messaging
+ Super Sensitive GPS (-162dBm Tracking) 2Mtrs Accuracy
+ Internal Antenna Configuration
+ Ability to send fuel level data 
+ Built-In Harness – This makes it water and weather proof
+ 5.2 Ah Battery

Dimension: 10 x 9 x 8 cm

Weight: 1.5kg