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Engineers Without Borders is a forum that was created for the sole purpose of serving the needs of disadvantaged communities and people through engineering projects. People are going to be available to share their doubts and different points of view, while someone else will answer and try to solve them, in order that all members of the forum have the opportunity to understand everything and participate on it. Several groups have been created across the continent to ensure that this goal of solving global problems is achieved, and our lead Software Engineer at Hello Tractor, Rasheeda Yehuza is privileged to be a member. She had the following to say about the experience so far:

Being a part of the Engineers Without Borders community over the past 4 years has impacted my way of thinking in systems. Poverty elevation and the creation of opportunities for marginalized groups drive me on a daily basis, and to be on the board of an organization that empowers individuals and communities across Sub-saharan Africa to implement systemic change leadership in their own jurisdiction leaves a mark in understanding how change can be initiated by the very people lacking that change. 

As part of the strategy committee, I help in identifying early and small scale social ventures that need financial and mentorship support in West Africa. It’s extremely fulfilling when a woman who produces shea butter at minimum scale is able to gain mentorship and capital to scale her venture and create in the community. My goal as part of the EWB board is to provide more visibility and help create opportunities for maximum impact in rural areas across West Africa.”

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