SOW – Marketing & Communications

Duration: 6 Months, beginning no later than June 17, 2024

Time Commitment: Full Time

Budget: TBD; the full budget will cover personnel, marketing campaigns, digital and physical marketing tools, and other expenses. Specific budget allocations will be determined based on the strategic marketing plan and expected ROI.


General Inquires:




 Hello Tractor connects tractor owners to smallholder farmers through an IoT digital solution that supports improved management of tractor businesses, ensuring tractor owner success, while connecting farmers to affordable services. Our solution begins with a low-cost hardware monitoring device that can be installed on any tractor or combine, connecting it to the cloud for remote data tracking and analytics. By expanding tractors’ serviceable geography, we enable owners to grow their business, providing employment opportunities for service providers and rural booking agents. By creating equitable access to tractor services, we enable smallholder farmers to earn more and grow more, improving livelihoods and food security for their families and communities.

In June 2014, Hello Tractor began a movement to revolutionize mechanization services across emerging markets. Starting in Nigeria, we launched our marketplace for on-demand tractor services and have continued to pioneer innovations aligned with our mission to democratize access to mechanized intensification. We began with our Hello Tractor branded Smart Tractor and have since transitioned to a SaaS business working across the mechanization ecosystem. Today, Hello Tractor is the largest and fastest-growing tractor contracting network in the emerging markets, operating its technology in 20 countries across Africa and Asia. We have grown our contractor customer base to over 4,000 tractor owners who have provided services to 1.2Million smallholder farmers cultivating 3.1Million acres.

In 2022, we launched our innovative Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) tractor financing and Hub products to further address the severe deficit of mechanized assets in these economies, unlocking low risk, low-cost tractor financing for rural, under-banked entrepreneurs servicing smallholder farmers. These products have resulted inexponential growth within our marketplace for smallholder farmers to access mechanization, farm inputs, and knowledge on improved agriculture methods.Since our inception, Hello Tractor has not had a dedicated Marketing and Communications function. As we approach our 10-year anniversary this year, it has become critical that we craft and communicate a clear and compelling narrative about our past, present, and future – engaging our diverse audiences and reinforcing our position as a leader in the agricultural sector. This will require experienced marketing and communication strategists and specialists, responsible for setting and executing specific objectives that drive increased awareness of the company, better articulation of our growth journey and cohesive and data-led messaging around our future.


The objective of this Statement of Work (SOW) is to establish a comprehensive marketing and communications function within Hello Tractor. This function aims to drive increased brand awareness, articulate the company’s growth journey, and leverage data-led messaging to reinforce Hello Tractor’s position as a leader in the agricultural sector. The marketing and communications function will include roles focused on Marketing, Communications, Public Relations (PR), and Data Analysis.

Scope of Work 

Key responsibilities:

Marketing Strategy and Execution

    • Develop and implement a marketing strategy that aligns with Hello Tractor’s business goals.
    • Enhance brand awareness and generate leads through targeted campaigns.
    • Analyze and report on key performance metrics to guide strategic decisions.

Storytelling and Brand Narrative

    • Develop Hello Tractor’s brand narrative, focusing on the company’s vision, mission, and impact.
    • Employ storytelling to strengthen brand identity and emotional connection with the audience.

Market Insights

    • Gain deep insights into Hello Tractor’s operating markets, including customer needs and market trends.
    • Use market insights to inform and adjust marketing strategies.

Marketing Campaigns

    • Execute both digital and physical campaigns to increase brand awareness and leads.
    • Ensure brand cohesion across all content and platforms.
    • Manage and lead the content calendar, including copy editing for all media channels.

10-Year Anniversary Campaign

    • Conceptualize and execute a campaign to celebrate Hello Tractor’s 10-year anniversary.
    • Activities include designing an anniversary logo, organizing events, crafting content, producing video content, and launching a social media competition.


    • Monthly marketing strategy reports, including insights and performance analytics.
    • Quarterly brand awareness and perception report, detailing improvements, and engagement metrics.
    • Comprehensive campaign plans for both general marketing initiatives.
    • Execute the 10-year anniversary campaign, including timeline of events and celebrations, budgets, and expected outcomes.
    • Execution of at least three major marketing campaigns aimed at increasing brand visibility and lead generation.
    • Production of a suite of marketing materials, including videos, blogs, and social media content, aligned with the Hello Tractor brand narrative.
    • Detailed post-campaign reports, evaluating reach, engagement, lead generation, conversion rates, and ROMI.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): 

    • Increase in brand awareness and perception as measured by surveys and social media sentiment analysis.
    • Engagement rates across platforms (social media, blog, video content).
    • Campaign reach and number of leads generated, alongside conversion rates.
    • Return on marketing investment (ROMI).
    • Customer engagement and retention metrics (renewals, referrals, customer lifetime value, NPS).
    • Event participation rates and feedback from company and office-wide events.

Additional Considerations

    • The marketing and communications team will work closely with Hello Tractor’s senior management to ensure alignment with overall business goals.
    • Regular updates and meetings will be scheduled to review progress against objectives and KPIs.
    • Adjustments to the marketing strategy may be made in response to market feedback or performance data.
    • Confidentiality and data protection measures will be strictly adhered to, ensuring that customer and business information is securely managed.



If this sounds like what you have been seeking, send your resume and cover letter to Please put SOW – Marketing and Communications in the subject line.

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