Supply Chain Consultant

Project Start Date: July 01, 2024 (expected)

Project End Date: October 31, 2024 (potential for 3-6 month extension)

Location: Hybrid with required travel to China and potential international locations as per project needs


General Inquires:


Background and context

Hello Tractor connects tractor owners to smallholder farmers through an IoT digital solution that supports improved management of tractor businesses, ensuring tractor owner success, while connecting farmers to affordable services. Our solution begins with a low-cost hardware monitoring device that can be installed on any tractor or combine, connecting it to the cloud for remote data tracking and analytics. By expanding tractors’ serviceable geography, we enable owners to grow their business, providing employment opportunities for service providers and rural booking agents. By creating equitable access to tractor services, we enable smallholder farmers to earn more and grow more, improving livelihoods and food security for their families and communities.

Hello Tractor is the largest and fastest-growing tractor contracting network in the emerging markets, operating its technology in 20 countries across Africa and Asia. We have grown our contractor customer base to over 4,000 tractor owners who have provided services to 1.2Million smallholder farmers cultivating 3.1Million acres.

In 2022, we launched our innovative Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) tractor financing and Hub products to further address the severe deficit of mechanized assets in these economies, unlocking low risk, low-cost tractor financing for rural, under-banked entrepreneurs servicing smallholder farmers. These products have resulted in exponential growth within our marketplace for smallholder farmers to access mechanization, farm inputs, and knowledge on improved agriculture methods.

As we continue to scale, Hello Tractor is seeking a Supply Chain Consultant to oversee and optimize our supply chain operations, focusing particularly on enhancing our relationships and efficiencies with strategic suppliers in Asia. This role is pivotal in supporting our mission to revolutionize farming through innovative technological solutions by ensuring robust, effective supply chain partnerships. We expect to launch this work in collaboration with a leading consulting firm and strategic partner.



The objective of this Statement of Work (SOW) is to establish strategic supply chain partners and increase efficiency of spare parts and implement supply chain, and management of partner project. This work aims to decrease spare part and implement costs for Hello Tractor (as well as our customers), establish long-term manufacturer partners in China, and lead our work with our external partners to execute this project.

What you will do Scope of Work

The consultant will be responsible for the following tasks and deliverables:

1. Strategy and Research:

    • Develop and implement a strategy to transform the existing supply chain, enhancing efficiency and adaptability.
    • Conduct comprehensive reviews and improvements of current supply chain and procurement functions.

2. Project Management:

    • Manage project planning, tracking, performance evaluation, and commercials (pricing, billing, margin management).
    • Build effective, long-lasting relationships with key stakeholders and suppliers.
    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including product/tech, commercial, and data analysts, to deliver integrated solutions.

3. Partner Management:

    • Manage the implementation of Phase I and Phase II of the anticipated project in collaboration with our partners.
    • Facilitate engagement with partners and manage communications across different functional teams at Hello Tractor, as needed.

Travel and Engagement

      • Travel internationally to engage with suppliers, understand operations, and implement strategies.
      • Coordinate with Hello Tractor’s international offices for alignment and strategic coherence.


      • Comprehensive supply chain strategic plan, inclusive of signed partner agreements
      • Monthly progress reports on supply chain improvements and supplier engagements.
      • Quarterly review of strategy implementation and operational adjustments based on performance metrics.
      • Final report summarizing achievements, lessons learned, and recommendations for continuous improvement.
      • Successful management of partner relationships and stakeholders engaging in this project

    Consultant Qualifications

      • Proven track record in managing global supply chains, particularly in manufacturing or technology sectors.
      • Strong strategic and analytical capabilities, with a hands-on approach to problem-solving.
      • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, capable of fostering strong supplier relationships.
      • Experience in leading and developing teams, with a focus on operational excellence and learning culture.

    This Statement of Work outlines the responsibilities and expectations for the Supply Chain Consultant role, ensuring alignment with Hello Tractor’s operational needs and strategic goals.


    If this sounds like what you have been seeking, send your resume and cover letter to Please put Supply Chain Consultant in the subject line.

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