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Leveraging our partnership with Mastercard, seamlessly and securely pay off your equipment loan as you service farmers

The Hello Tractor PAYG product—with embedded IoT—is built on transparency. We remotely track work  and immobilize assets for non-payment, reducing overall risk and diversion of payments.

IoT-enabled tractors allow us to remotely monitor asset health, fuel, and functionality. This helps reduce operational costs of equipment and increased reliability and asset salvage value.

Data Centric

Data supports everything from credit scoring to market intelligence for underwriting, risk management, and loan repayment structures that fit agricultures seasonality and equipment cashflows.

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Hit the Road

1. Finance your assets

Secure financing and technology and tractor operator training. Need assistance? Click here.

2. Plan your route

Work with your account manager to design a customized route with trained agents along the route organizing your farmer customers. 

3. Start earning

As you service your farmers, pay down your loan and keep the profit. No compound interest, no additional collateral, no late fees. Pay one flat fee that never changes!

    Browse our current PAYG financing options

    Here are some of our favorite partners, if you’re looking for asset financing, we can connect you with them and get you started

    United States African Development Foundation (USADF)

    Minimum Investment:


    Maximum Investment:


    How we are working with USADF:

    USADF is an independent United States government agency that we have partnered with to provide grants to Hello Tractor partners. These grants are anticipated to enable our partners scale their businesses and broaden their reach and impact.

    Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)

    Minimum Investment:


    Maximum Investment:


    How we are working with IsDB:

    Hello Tractor is partnering with IsDB to increase access to mechanization for smallholder farmers across Nigeria by empowering youth and women to become tractor owners under our PAYG model for tractor financing.  By working with IsDB, our goal is to de-risk access to tractor financing through Sharia-Compliant funding.

    Global Agribusiness Alliance (GAA)

    Minimum Investment:


    Maximum Investment:



    How we are working with GAA:

    GAA, WBCSD, and Artha Networks Inc. have developed a multi-sided platform to connect agri-SMEs and finance providers, with the goal of creating a dynamic online ecosystem that catalyzes the flow of debt, equity, or grant funding. Their platform enables users to connect with one another, invite their partners to register and develop bespoke profiles highlighting their mission statements and progress to date.


    Automobile Warehouse Ltd (AWL)

    Minimum Investment:


    Maximum Investment:

    KSH 200M


    How we are working with AWL:

    AWL is a premier agricultural equipment provider in Kenya currently supplying Zetor farm equipment through this financing program. Hello Tractor’s partnership with AWL will expand access to financing for agricultural coops across Kenya by providing affordable farm equipment finance. A borrower can receive financing in less than one week with a minimum deposit, 6-months of bank statements, National ID, and coop meeting minutes. The financing is fast, flexible, and the most innovative agricultural finance facility available to Kenyan farmers.


    We hope you found this helpful. If you have other questions, our FAQ section below can provide answers.

    Is the PAYG financing available in any country?

    Currently, the financing is only 100% secured for Nigeria and Kenya. We are however looking to expand the offering into more countries in the near future.

    What does payment collection in relation to debt repayment look like?

    • We would be using Hello Tractor’s platforms to receive payments automatically based on the hectares serviced. Debt repayment will depend on services carried out along the route.
    • 2-2.5x average annual debt service minimum required; This will not be calculated on a daily basis due to the difference in usage across borrowers as routes are unique and demand along route varies.

    What tools are you using to consider creditworthiness

    We have developed Credit Matrix alongside Moodys

    What tools are you using to estimate payback period?

    Our route planning tool acts as a stress test to know how much work is needed to comfortably service debt on time. It also facilitates faster debt paydown by optimizing tractor utilization.

    What inputs are accounted for in the route planning tool?

    Tractor’s Characteristics

    • Horsepower
    • Implements

    Route Characteristics

    • Agro ecological zones
    • Climate dynamics

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