Nairobi, Kenya – October 29, 2021 – Sustainable agriculture is driven by ensuring the entire value chain is connected from production to value addition, marketing, and sales. To this end, Go Africa today announces its newly formed partnership with Hello Tractor, an agtech company that connects tractor owners to smallholder farmers in need of tractor services. Both companies have come together to leverage their synergies to put forward solutions that will digitize agricultural production in Kenya.

“We’re thrilled for the opportunity to form yet another strategic partnership that will bring about a boost in the productivity levels of smallholder farmers across Kenya,” said Jehiel Oliver, CEO & Founder, Hello Tractor. “We’re confident that this partnership will yield positive results within Kenya’s agricultural sector, hereby supporting the fight against hunger and enhancing global food security.”


Go Africa Field Workers & Tractor Operators

Indigenous Go Africa (I-Go Africa) led by Hilary Akhaabi; PhD is pioneering rice production in Kenya by providing mechanized services to farmers in the Bunyala Rice Scheme. I-Go Africa has entered into partnerships with Cooperative societies within the Bunyala rice scheme to provide mechanization services with the fleet of tractors and harvesters it owns. The aim is to set off and kick-start truly mechanized agricultural production which in turn will result in increased productivity and production of rice within the scheme. Mechanization of agricultural production is part of the larger initiative of I-GO Africa; as it intends to purchase the rice paddy and provide value addition and package rice for sale. Once completed, we anticipate increasing production 6x from current levels resulting in USD 3.0M in total sales annually.

Go Africa Sindano Rice

Go Africa Basmati Rice

Go Africa Komboka Rice

“Hello Tractor, is an instrumental partner in this initiative and we appreciate Mr Jehiel Oliver, CEO of the Company, for his support,” states Dr AKhaabi, Lead Director at I-Go Africa. “I-Go Africa also is open to partnering with various cooperative societies today and in the evolving future for this and other partnership opportunities that may arise over time.”

About the I-Go Africa
Indigenous Go Africa (I-Go Africa) is a subsidiary of Go Africa Global LLC, a 7-year-old, bootstrap funded New York-based startup focused on agribusiness enabled by cutting edge technology.

About Hello Tractor
Hello Tractor is an award-winning agricultural technology social enterprise focused on improving food and income security for smallholder farmers relying on expensive and often unavailable manual labor. Our solution: we have developed technology to increase and optimize tractor activity across African as well as Asian markets. Hello Tractor connects tractor owners to farmers through an Internet-of-Things (IoT) digital solution that bridges the gap between traditional farming and more technologically advanced approaches. Our platform simplifies complex data to make tractors profitable as business assets even in smallholder farming systems. This disruptive technology holds the potential to increase agricultural productivity and farmer income for a more secure global food system.


For More information:

Go Africa Contact
Dr Akhaabi
+254 20-514-8160

Hello Tractor Press Contact
Asonibare Priscilla

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