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Own a tractor? Hello Tractor equipment owners can make over $30,000 per year—here’s how to get in on the agri-tech game

The Kenyan agricultural sector employs more than 60% of the country’s total population. Pre-COVID the sector was valued at KES 2.3 trillion (roughly 22 billion USD), generating a third of the country’s GDP and 60% of its exports.


On the Hello Tractor platform alone, “Kenyan farmers spent $8M million booking services from tractor owners in 2020” according to Funke Adebola, Chief Data Scientist at Hello Tractor, “that is nearly a 600% jump from 2019”. Tractor owners who used technology to market and manage their farm equipment services reaped the most revenue benefit from this significant growth. If you’re an entrepreneur with farm equipment, why wouldn’t you want to get in on that action? Here’s a not-to-be-missed opportunity to launch and effectively manage your farm equipment for hire business.

On the Hello Tractor platform alone, Kenyan farmers spent $8M million booking services from tractor owners in 2020, a 600% jump from 2019

If strategies around route optimization, estimating your tractor returns, financing, and minimizing machine downtime stress you out, not to worry. Through on-site training days at the AWL (Automobile Warehouse Ltd) dealership located at Rift Valley Province in Nakuru, you will learn not just the basics, but actionable strategies to get the most out of your fleet. Get free access to top-rated instructors, including Justine Orutwa, an IoT specialist and innovation engineer at Hello Tractor.

During the free on-site training, you will quickly learn how to set up a professional custom hiring fleet, develop, source, and market new customers with Hello Tractor, and, on a first come first serve basis, be awarded up to $30,000 in farmer booking for the year. The information seminar is free but in order to qualify for the $30,000’s in bookings, you must be a Hello Tractor customer. Book your time slot below, seats are filling up fast!

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