Hello Tractor was recently presented with two prestigious awards under the category ‘Impact for Farmers’ and ‘Logistics & Last Mile Service Delivery’ at Mercy Corps AgriFin ALE 2021 Awards ceremony. These awards serve as a recognition of the tireless work of team members over the last 6 years to build the income, productivity and resilience of smallholder farmers across Africa, while improving farm businesses by increasing the availability of mechanization services.

“Hello Tractor has embodied a principle that we feel is very important in Agrifin which is the rapid iteration and fail-fast approach to innovation. They have consistently engaged with farmers and made their product better, thinking actively about how to bring technology, marketing, customer support and geographic expansion in the mix to make a difference for farmers.” said Lessa Shrader, Program Director at Agrifin.

Hello Tractor Farmer Using App

Farmer using the Hello Tractor app.

By forming strategic partnerships with financial institutions, tractor owners and equipment dealers, we have been able to effectively scale our business into 13 markets across Africa, growing the number of tractors on our platform to over 3,000 and touching the lives of over 500,000 smallholder farmers through our digital mechanization sharing marketplace. This level of impact across the last mile would not be possible without the efforts of our team members, namely our Customer Success Team, including David Kayi, Belinder Jabuya & Blessing Agu. We are so proud of their work!

“It’s an honour for us to have been considered for the Mercycorp Agrifin awards among so many other amazing companies and organizations. We are encouraged to continue working hard to impact more smallholder farming communities across emerging markets.” Said Hello Tractor CEO, Jehiel Oliver, in response to the award.

Blessing on the field

Blessing supporting booking agents and farmers in Kano State, Nigeria.

David Kayi on the field

David Kayi supporting tractor owners in Kenya.

Hello Tractor is currently the largest and fastest-growing tractor contracting network in the emerging market and our technologies are adding considerable value in the marketplace by addressing the critical needs of farmers searching for tractor service as well as tractor owners looking to increase their revenue and better manage their fleet operations. We are incredibly proud of our impact so far and will continue to work hard to expand our reach in existing and new markets across Africa and Asia to reach more farmers in the near future.


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