We’re always excited when social enterprises, like ours serving smallholder farmers in Africa are recognized for their hard work and that’s why we’re dedicating this post to Babban Gona! From doubling the yields of more than 13,000 smallholder farmers and increasing their net income 3.5 times that of the average farmer, to achieving a 99.9 percent repayment rate across a farmer category typically considered high risk when it comes to access to credit/finance, they well deserved the Skoll award presented to them.

Babban Gona is an agricultural franchise, developed by Doreo Partners, an Impact Investing Firm with a proven track record of exclusively investing in profitable, high growth, early stage businesses that improve the livelihoods of Nigerian smallholder farmers. The organization has been on the scene for 6 years now inspiring and enabling hardworking smallholder farmers reach their full potential by providing a private sector channel for cost effective delivery of enhanced agricultural technologies and end-to-end services that optimize yields and labor productivity, while simultaneously improving market access.

Also among this year’s winners of the Skoll Awards $1.25 million are Elizabeth Hausler, founder and CEO of Build Change, a disaster-resistant home builder; whenever there is a disaster, they try to create a new home and replace everything in the home.

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