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About us

Our mission is to improve the lives of small-holder farmers with the world’s best agricultural services platform.

Hello Tractor at a Glance



Assets Under Management (AUM)

Mechanized Farmers

Our Values

Customer satisfaction

We are keen on customer feedback and have incorporated it to build products that are best suited for all our customer groups.

Economic empowerment

We value being in the intersection between delivering profit to tractor owners while delivering impact to small holder farmers.

Building Patnerships

We are centered around strategic relationships within supply-side manufacturers and dealers to provide demand-side opportunities.

We’ve been in operation for 7 years!

Hello Tractor helps small farmers to gain access to tractor services at affordable prices. Tractor owners achieve high market returns while providing services with their equipment and farmers receive a service that is 40 times faster and one third the cost of manual labour. This contributes to their economic empowerment and agricultural productivity.

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