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Don’t take our word for it.

“By cutting down on the labor and the drudgery long associated with farming, Hello Tractor is making agriculture more attractive and more lucrative for the next generation.”

“Before it was hard to find a tractor to hire and it was very costly. Now, the booking agent can quickly find a tractor owner near me by using his phone.”

“Hello Tractor’s goal is to disrupt the current practices of agriculture in Africa and improve the livelihoods of the continent’s farmers”

“Through a tractor sharing application, Hello Tractor aims to connect tractor owners and smallholder farmers in need of tractors.”

“As well as helping farmers, the app makes owning a tractor more profitable by ensuring machines are fully utilized instead of standing idle.”

“In SSA, more than 60% of farms are powered by humans, with less than 20% provided by machinery, a model which is not sustainable as food demand increases.”






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